Founded in 1918, our company has always remained committed to providing you with the highest-quality food products. Our 4 specialized subsidiaries enable us to complement your meals and snacks with more than 25 well-known brands throughout Canada and the United States.

A. Lassonde

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An historical subsidiary named after the founder of the company, A. Lassonde is a North American leader in the development, production and sale of juices and fruit and vegetable beverages marketed under brands such as Oasis, Rougemont and Fruité.

Lassonde Pappas and Company, Inc

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Lassonde Pappas is the second largest producer of private label ready-to-drink fruit juices and fruit drinks in the United States and a major producer of cranberry juice, drinks and sauce. In 2017, we have integrated the management of Apple and Eve, LLC with our Lassonde Pappas and Company Inc. subsidiary. And in 2018, we have welcomed Old Orchard Brands, LLC in the Lassonde family.

Lassonde Specialties Inc.

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Lassonde Specialties develops, manufactures and markets food products, including broths, fondues, soups and sauces under both private labels and recognized brands such as Antico and Canton. Visit website :

Sun-Rype Products Ltd.

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Sun-Rype Products Ltd. is a Canadian leader beverage and snack industry.

Arista Wine's Brands

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Arista Wines imports and sells selected wines from a variety of countries, as well as produces apple cider and wine-based beverages in innovative, eco-friendly packaging.